Bloodnstuff at Uberfest in North Minneapolis – Saturday, October 13, 2012

By: Sarah Williamson

On a Saturday afternoon I ventured out to the heart of the warehouse district on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis for something called “Uberfest.” While I’m still not quite sure what “Uberfest” was about, I know they had a great deal where you get a neat beer mug and 3 refills for ten bucks…not bad! Regardless, I had an agenda…to see Bloodnstuff. This bad-ass little duo consists of drummer Dylan Gouert and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Ed Holmberg. They have been playing together for ten years and met at the ripe age of 17 at arts high school. Now ten years later, a few less band mates, and a name change later, Bloodnstuff is getting tons of hype locally, and their fan base is growing with the help of great local supporters such as City Pages, The Current, and First Avenue. So I’m curious to ask, next time I run into them at the bar buying a shot of whiskey, “What’s next guys?”

Every time I see this band, I’m still blown away that it’s just two guys on stage kicking out so much rock. At each show, I can look into the audience, see a sea of grins, nodding heads, and chatter from folks commenting on the same thing everyone always mentions “Wow, just two guys up there?!” But after having their self-titled EP on heavy rotation the past few months, I feel these guys deserve more credit than that. The songwriting is well thought out with some great meaning behind it. “It’s Fun to be a Kid” is probably my favorite because what I take from it is that it’s about the evolution of becoming an adult and the battle within yourself wondering if you’re giving in by “getting old” and betraying yourself or just really evolving. The music is beautifully put together with dark sluggish tones of Black Sabbath, adding guitar riffs that are definitely more intricate than much of your typical stoner rock,’ you then add a few songs such as “Give Me a Call” and “It’s Fun to be a Kid,” that have a lighter radio friendly feel with contagious riffs that gets stuck in your head, it’s easy to see why this band is gaining a lot of attention and fans.Roblox Hack No Survey No Download

The first time I saw this band was at the Turf Club for their vinyl release show, I was loving the smoke machine they used during their set, along with one or two bright spot lights which replicates their video for “All You Petty Failures.” I thought that added so much to their vibe. But today there was no smoke machine or fancy lights. With the misty cold weather and thousands of zombies taking over the rest of the twin cities, the crowd was very light, leaving not much energy to go around. The guys set up, played a great set with a good number of their songs from their self-titled EP such as; “Fire out at Sea,” “The Cow People,” “Bloodnstuff,” “Diet Cola,” “Give Me A Call,” “To Be a Kid Again,” and “All You Petty Failures.” All awhile the small crowd nodded and smiled while hurdled under heat lamps and drinking locally brewed beer in their neat mugs – and that’s about all you could muster this day for this crowd.

So with all this band’s greatness, I only have a few complaints. Great music, but they need just a bit more stage presence and crowd interaction to top it off. The crowd is waiting and hungry for it, just a little wouldn’t kill them and make their show that much more stellar. And just maybe it would hurt to switch things up a bit for the sake of the fans that have seen the same set numerous times, and learn a few covers to bring a bit of variety. So Ed and Dylan, contemplate learning a few of your favorite off-beat covers, throw in a little interaction, and ask your buddy to donate that smoke machine, it’s totally worth it.

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