My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Trampled by Turtles Concert Preview and The Current present My Morning Jacket w/ Band of Horses and Trampled by Turtles @ Somerset Amphitheater, Friday, August 10. Gates at 5:30, music at 6:30. 44$ Camping prices at

On Friday, August 10th, My Morning Jacket will make a stop in Somerset, WI, to play the amphitheater. This tour, which is largely outdoors, includes Seattleite (turned South Carolinian) indie-rockers Band of Horses, and on the 10th, Trampled By Turtles is jumping on the bill.

Concert Preview: (by Harley Patton)

Thirteen years and five records since their debut The Tennessee Fire, My Morning Jacket has continuously changed and developed their sound—from huge, terrifying rock ‘n’ roll epics to melodious folk ballads, My Morning Jacket is a band that never ceases to surprise its fans. With the release of their newest record, Circuital, the band has returned to form. The record is a definite departure from 2008’s Evil Urges; it is a more accessible folk-rock experience that still retains the razor-sharp wit of their earlier work.  My Morning Jacket’s live performances are much talked about and celebrated. Whether it is a four-hour set at Bonnaroo or a crowd of two hundred packed together in one room, My Morning Jacket is sure to deliver a gutpunch. This show will be the perfect combination of both: the freedom and openness of a festival with the heart-thumping energy of a smaller club. Opening acts are Band Of Horses and Trampled By Turtles.

Trampled By Turtles Artist Profile: (by Doug Waguespack)

If there’s one thing you CAN’T say about a lot of bands, it’s that they have their own holiday. There’s also a name you CAN’T apply to a lot of bands: Trampled by Turtles. It consists of five men from Duluth, Minnesota, who know the meaning of “go your own way.” Through their 8-year career, they have released five albums, played countless concerts and festivals, have appeared on David Letterman’s Tonight Show, and have been honored with the date April 11 (or if you’re in Duluth/Minneapolis: Trampled by Turtles Day). For most of their career, they’ve been topping the charts and the hearts of the United States, and their influence is only growing.

If you think you know bluegrass, then you’re in for a surprise. Starry-eyed vocals, cascades of harmony and blisters are a few of the essential elements that make up this tireless machine. Each instrument these Turtle-y travelers carry bears the same wear and tear as the knight who wields it, each splinter and worn-down pickguard just another mile on the long road home. Where is home? With calm, tranquil harmony-scapes focused underneath smooth vocal lines going into surprises like the classic Pixies hit “Where is my Mind?,” home is wherever this five-headed Snapper lays itself down. Their sound is sometimes indicative of a beautiful back porch overlooking acres of rolling hills spotted with trees, soft sun serving as a backdrop to it all… and sometimes, it’s all on fire. Whether you’re a new, old, or not a fan of bluegrass, you’ll be stomping your boots on the floor for Trampled by Turtles, rest assured.

Trampled By Turtles Record Capsule: (by Harley Patton)

If you ask a fan who’s been there since the beginning, he’ll tell you that Trampled By Turtles is the fastest bluegrass band to ever come out of the Midwest. He’ll tell you about the banjo lightning and the soaring fiddle lines; he’ll tell you about the energy. If you ask him about the band’s latest record, Stars And Satellites, he’ll take a long breath and ask you to sit down. Stars And Satellites is a much more mature, more earnest record than anything TBT has ever done. It is a definite change of pace, and the fans are in unanimous agreement: it’s a welcome change. While the record is slower in general, the wild energy is still there. There is never a dull moment on this record; a sense of momentum pervades.  Stars And Satellites will grab you with its meandering melancholy and keep you there with its intelligent intent.

My Morning Jacket Artist Profile: (by JJ Kreysa)

If you mix over a decade of experience with classic rock riffs and melodically haunting lyrics, you’ll get My Morning Jacket. An indie-rock band hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, My Morning Jacket has got plenty of southern charm and an extensive resume. Having been involved in the festival scene for years, the band has made appearances at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, amongst many others.  They’ve shared the stage with such artists as Wilco, Pearl Jam, The Roots, and have done several late night appearances throughout their career. They’ve even contributed original music to film and television. Their latest record, Circuital, was recorded in a neighborhood church gymnasium in their native Louisville. After its release in 2011, it gained the band the number five spot on the Billboard top 100.

Consistently defying the pigeonholes and stigmas of indie-rock, My Morning Jacket always finds new and interesting ways to evolve their sound. Their use of extensive production, spacey grooves, and acoustic rock-scapes creates a laid back, yet complicated sound.  My Morning Jacket has become something of a new wave revival for the southern classic rock aesthetic, but with a brand new outlook. The lyrics are personal but universal; a mix of personal experience and hopefulness lends a certain sincerity to the writing. The opening track of Circuital, “Victory Dance,” serves as a premonition for the rest of the band’s career.

Taste the war paint on my tongue

As it’s dripping with my sweat

Place my gaze in the future’s path

Seeing things that ain’t come yet

My Morning Jacket is a band with a rich history and a bright future, innovative enough to never be ignored.

My Morning Jacket Record Capsule: (by Harley Patton) 

My Morning Jacket’s latest record, Circuital, is definitely unique. It was recorded in a gymnasium in Kentucky and includes such tracks as Holdin On to Black Metal and Victory Dance. An amalgamation of folk, rock, and most everything in between, Circuital really stands out in a world of bland, redone, indie-rock songs.

Band Of Horses Artist Profile: (by Lauren McCauley)

In 2010, the rock quartet Band Of Horses took their listeners for a ride through many different genres and styles with Infinite Arms. Ben Bridwell leads the way with his enthralling vocals and evasive lyrical style, one that never quite lets the listener in on the secret. Despite the mystery, one thing remains obvious: the songs on Infinite Arms speak to all. Whether you are alone or in love or heart broken, Band of Horses will not only grasp you and hold on to you, they’ll tell you just what you needed to hear.

In the near future, Band of Horses will continue the ride with their new album Mirage Rock, set to be released September 18th via Columbia Records. While it is certain that Bridwell will never lead his listeners down the most direct path, it is clear that anyone who hears his sweet voice and soul-stirring melodies will follow him anyway. His mature and intelligent writing will always keep his listeners by his side. British megastar record producer and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer Glyn Johns serves as the producer for Mirage Rock. This is the man who made the sounds of Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, The Clash, and countless others, come to life. With such a great team behind it, Mirage Rock is sure to be the culmination of Band Of Horses’ already illustrious career.

Band Or Horses Record Capsule: (by Harley Patton)

Fans of Band of Horses have been on the edge of their seats since 2010’s Infinite Arms. Now, finally, the band has a new record coming out. Mirage Rock will be released in early September and the anticipation is only building. After Infinite Arms, many fans are wondering just what Band Of Horses will do next. The band has leaked the first track of their new record, Knock, Knock, Knock, and it sounds vastly different from Infinite Arms: heavier, chunkier and all around more rocking. Mirage Rock will be a brand new chapter in Band of Horses’ ever evolving sound.

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